Culture is Everywhere

UT is an interesting place. It’s filled with weirdness, innovation, passion, and whatever other positive adjective you could think of. But of those, I think culture fits in the most.

I went to a dance recital at UT today. But it’s not the usual dance recital you’d think of but a dance recital by Nitrya Sangam; and to answer that question lingering in your head, it was interesting for sure.

Culture is an interesting idea. Culture is what defines oneself, a group, and society. Culture can be local and global; it could be something very minimal or very important. Nonetheless, it’s culture.

Enough blabbing about, but I really enjoyed it!


The Carney (from Gourdough’s donut)

Downtown Austin is a place of unlimited possibilities when it comes to food it seems. Simple donuts that I knew were now completely different. It has apple pie filling, – the apples were super crispy by the way -nuts, and whipped cream.

I don’t like donuts like some do. It’s one of those that I really have to be in the mood for. But if donuts were all like this, I think I could take up donuts a day?

One thing though. It was so darn cold (37 degrees isn’t normal for Austin I think?), raining, and windy.

Still, it was indeed worth it in the end.